AT AATS we like to be empowering... taking care of ourselves, getting educated, experiencing things, giving back... This is Step 1 to becoming a member. We would really like to know how it would work best for you? What would you like to do? Where would you like to go, and how far would you like to travel? This is where you can help us gauge your readiness for our Tribe! Just a few details that will help us shape your experience...
2. If you could use only one of the following social networks, which would you use? *
If you use social media, please connect with us:
3. What would you like to do? *
This is where you can choose the type of activities you would like to do, but there is also space to add your own. Think about events for just you, and friends. It also gauges cost, duration and distance for the activity.
Please feel free to add any comments or questions.